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Version 8.1.0 Beta 1


FEATURE-1805 – New Client Area Theme with Bootstrap 4
FEATURE-2465 – Add support for more social/service accounts
ADDON-6130 – Add support for Google Analytics v4
CORE-15144 – Add Google and Oauth settings for ticket department mail configuration
CORE-15257 – Implement User Deletion for Data Retention Automation
CORE-15507 – Implement Security Question disablement in admin’s user management modal


CORE-10578 – Correct CC value for merged tickets
CORE-12475 – Ensure domain pricing shows free on order form
CORE-12798 – Improve link for domain renewal email generated by misconfigured cron invocations
CORE-14101 – Ensure one time promo for domain renewal only affects registration price
CORE-14254 – Ignore login requests from unsupported authentication methods
CORE-14396 – Remove AutoAuth functionality
CORE-14556 – Allow admin to delete transactions for deleted client
CORE-14618 – Improve error feedback for unaccessible Metric Statistics
CORE-14773 – Use non-linear calculation for multi-year TLD pricing with ResellerClub
CORE-14885 – Correct currency change on mobile
CORE-14935 – Add auto recalculate on save option to service addons
CORE-15058 – Align admin ticket access with assigned departments
CORE-15094 – Persist language select across all admin pre-authentication screens
CORE-15133 – Set IP banned expiry to 3 year
CORE-15156 – Update WHOIS server for .th TLD
CORE-15159 – Improve integration of custom countries with phone auto-formatting
CORE-15214 – Ensure Domain Sale Groups are translatable
CORE-15300 – Provide return link to parent product for addon
CORE-15417 – Add Kosovo to country selection
CORE-15425 – Correct measurement units shown on Database Status page
CORE-15436 – Provide graceful error when custom admin directory conflicts with routing
CORE-15470 – Create an activity log entry when upgrades are performed
CORE-15479 – Prevent last login update when authentication is the result of an admin masquerade
CORE-15493 – Correct filtering of styling for plain text email message
CORE-15526 – Correct render of CC recipients on ticket view in admin area
CORE-15534 – Remove erroneous documentation of ticketnum for AddTicketReply API
CORE-15536 – Provide translation string for Sitelock landing page
CORE-15557 – Ensure Ticket Merge Fields represent requestor
CORE-15558 – Ensure client can manage domains when admin has registration and transer disabled
CORE-15572 – Ensure client group color is present on ticket view
CORE-15575 – Improve rounding on upgrade order with non-fractional currency
CORE-15584 – Correct Order Summary view of promo applied addon
CORE-15598 – Ensure EPP Code is populated on Transfer page
CORE-15599 – Correct repeatable toggle state on client’s Domin tab
CORE-15600 – Allow non-domain values in domain field when creating an order as an admin
CORE-15601 – Correct 2FA disabling for admins
CORE-15612 – Ensure custom invoice number is used in admin order confirmation notification
CORE-15625 – Correct currency prefix shown for affiliate commission
CORE-15634 – Ensure MarketConnect buy prices are shown in USD prior to activation
CORE-15635 – Include Canary Islands as country
CORE-15638 – Correct loose signature for table rending helper
CORE-15639 – Correct ticket associate for imported ticket
Also known as: CORE-15574
CORE-15645 – Provide option to delete a user in the manage user modal
CORE-15646 – Ensure Enom Getdomaininfo API requests for IDN domains are properly formatted
CORE-15647 – Ensure cart summary displays level 2 tax rule only if configured
CORE-15651 – Rectify spurious warning on domainregister.tpl
CORE-15652 – Improve error detection of APOP messages
CORE-15661 – Correct error messaage for blocked existing domain
CORE-15667 – Improve error message for DomainUpdateLockingStatus API
CORE-15672 – Prevent fatal error when using bulk tools on addons
CORE-15675 – Provide ability to disable outgoing email
CORE-15687 – Correct Remember Me cookie date
CORE-15700 – Correct path of assets for Duo 2FA
CORE-15701 – Correct SSL manage template item display logic
CORE-15712 – Improve detection of concurrent gateway transactions within same session
Also known as: MODULE-7530
CORE-15757 – Correct IDN domain data for GetRegistrarLock
MODULE-7477 – Prevent subscriptions for multi-year domain registrations

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MODULE-7537 – Ensure credits apply to accounts with addons
MODULE-7541 – Transliterate Statement Descriptor Suffix for Stripe
MODULE-7545 – Correct server sync API request for DirectAdmin

CORE-15928 – Improve resilience of mod_pleskaccounts update routine

ADDON-6132 – Improve styling of Licensing addon for use in theme Twenty-One

Project Management Addon
PMA-188 – Correct display of associated projects when using custom ticket mask
PMA-189 – Improve compatibility with Twenty-One
Also known as: PMA-190

CORE-16008 – Rectify distributed example for OrderProductPricingOverride hook

CORE-15888 – Update Azerbaijani translations
CORE-15921 – Update Hungarian translations
CORE-15925 – Improvements for Admin Hebrew translation
CORE-15927 – Improvements for Client Hebrew translation

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